Leading specialists in imprinted concrete in the North East

Driveways by Design are specialists in patterned imprinted concrete which has the benefit of having: NO WEEDS, NO SINKING, LOW MAINTENANCE & OIL RESISTANT

One of the largest installers of imprinted concrete driveways, paths and patios in the North East

Our approach is based on providing two simple principles; firstly provide the finest quality of products and excellent customer service. Driveways by Design have installed imprinted concrete driveways over the last two decades, we pride ourselves on offering a professional service and control of every project using our own teams of installers, ensuring a first class job. Driveways by Design have installed imprinted concrete driveways in Sunderland, Newcastle, South Shields, Washington, Seaham and right across the North East.

Driveways by Design recently completed this driveway for Charlotte Crosby – check out here

First impressions count!

Driveways by Design invest in the right technology to deliver the best possible imprinted concrete driveway, patio or path. If you are thinking of selling your home or property to make a good first impression when selling what really counts is having something unique about your home that stands out from others. Something that similar properties may have overlooked a fantastic Driveways by Design driveway! A survey* conducted has revealed that, on average, buyers spend a mere 18 minutes looking around a £150,000 property compared with 22 minutes picking out a £150 outfit! Therefore if many buyers are rushing the biggest and most important purchase of their lives, it is ideal that the first impression of your home is a lasting one. (*source: fish4homes research 2002)

Add value to your property!

A Driveways by Design driveway is not only desirable, but will add value to your property, and fortunately for you an investment which is long lasting and durable, it will not incur the expense of having to be replaced every few years. The stunning effect of imprinted concrete driveways will remain as beautiful as the day it was installed. Driveways by Design are able to offer a wide range of colors and are all fade free and will not loose there beauty under direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, have a look at the various colours.

Having an imprinted concrete driveway, patio or path is not your normal off the shelf solution when you choose Driveways by Design. Each of our commissions is individually designed for each home, taking into consideration the style, character and appearance of your property and your preferred preferences. Driveways by Design offers a wide choice of traditional and contemporary styles, dozens of surface textures, finishes and colourings, we are confident in providing a truly individual result that will compliment your home and general surroundings of your community.

Imprinted Concrete Driveways is a versatile product, it allows to incorporate existing features into the design, such as your favourite plants, porch supports or drainage and we can even disguise eyesores such as manhole covers making every part of your driveway attractive. Don’t delay phone today for a FREE no obligation quote on  07887296976